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Field Services


We are an elite team that offers field services and training to a wide variety of businesses, companies, and corporations.


Confined Space Rescue standby


24/7 Emergency Response


On-Site Medical


Hurricane Preparedness


We are fully prepared to provide rescue standby coverage for a variety of industrial operations within 24 hours.


We take great pride in working with you and your facility to provide the most professional and elite Rescue / Medical team in the industry. Our staff is highly trained and experienced in the various types of confined spaces and limited egress that are often found in an industrial setting. Our staff is fully prepared to provide rescue standby coverage for a variety of industrial operations. We fully understand that unscheduled maintenance and outages may happen and your facility should never be held up waiting on a rescue team. We typically can have a professional rescue team assembled and at your facility within 24 hours. Our Professional Rescue Teams pride themselves on safety, integrity, dedication, honesty, and will commit the necessary resources to ensure your operations have safe and professional coverage. Our team of industrial specialist will assist you with any questions you may have, or provide the necessary guidance you may need. If you have a job that you are unsure about give us a call and we can help. 


This team is not just limited to Fire, Haz-Mat, Rescue, Confined Space, and EMS. 


Triangle Rescue can provide a skillful, dedicated and respectful full-time staff that will take on all the Emergency Response calls and duties. However, this package is so much more than offering manpower. 

  • extinguisher audits

  • on-site confined space coverage

  • on-site medical evaluations

  • maintain firewater systems

  • inspect safety showers

  • supplied air/SCBA maintenance

  • maintain all ERT equipment

  • create and update fire and rescue pre-plans

  • facilitate joint red tag drills with operations

  • annual hose testing

  • rescue rope logs

  • simple deluge resets

And so much more. When you invest in us, you not only get an ERT team, you also get a team to support your turnarounds and natural disasters. We understand some companies utilize volunteers however this can diminish response times as well as reduce available personnel to the affected units. Utilizing our ERT team will keep your people out of harm’s way and allow them to assist in operational aspects of the facility. We even have a cost-based analysis to show you how much you can save by choosing Triangle. Our team is ready to help your facility reach a new level of safety, and emergency response preparedness.


Our personnel are some of the best in the business and have excellent bedside manner and patient care.


We are trained in proper case management to avoid unnecessary recordable incidents. Our medically trained personnel are qualified to Texas Department Health Services EMR, EMT, EMT-I, and EMT-P.  Please contact us with your facility needs, and we at Triangle will be happy to help.


We understand the threats and have plans to help mitigate unneeded loss and damage to your facility.