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We can train your emergency response team to be ready for the unexpected


Every day emergency incidents happen around the United States, and emergency responders must be ready. Here at Triangle Rescue, we provide the newest and technologically advanced training on the market. Whether the training you need is hazmat, rescue, confined space, fire or medical we do it all and provide exceptional instructional and hands-on training necessary to mitigate these emergency incidents. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will bring you to a new level of emergency response and mitigation, so there is no doubt YOU WILL BE READY!


  • 40hr Technician Level Training

  • 24hr Haz-Mat Operations Level Training

  • 8hr Awareness Level Training

  • Specialist Level Training

  • Haz-Mat Incident Commander

  • 8hr Haz-Mat Technician Refresher Training


  • Incipient Fire Training

  • Interior Fire Training

  • Exterior Fire Training

  • Advanced Exterior Training

  • Fire Team Leader

  • Fire Training Refresher


  • First Aid / CPR / AED

  • CPR Refresher



  • 40hr Rope Rescue Technician Level

  • 24hr Rope Rescue Operations Level

  • 8hr Rope Rescue Awareness Level

  • Rope Rescue Team Lead

  • 8hr Rope Rescue Technician Level Refresher

  • 40hr Confined Space Technician Level

  • 24hr Confined Space Operations Level Training

  • 8hr Confined Space Awareness Level Training

  • 8hr Confined Space Technician Level Refresher

  • Confined Space Team Leader


  • ICS-100, ICS-200, ICS-700, ICS-800

  • Incident Command Training